Blog prompt: “Think about your audience”

– What kind of people participate in your community?

From what I know at the moment, most of the developers apply and participate in my community, Wikimedia.
– What problem is your community trying to solve?

We’re trying to solve automatic review and tooling about author names in various cultures and languages on Wikidata.
– How does your project fit into the larger community?
My project is used by one of my community’s most prominent projects, Wikipedia, via WikiCite and Cite Q.
– Why would people want to use your project?

Because when people refer to scientific articles, they may confuse by the different writing formats of author names in the articles.
– What makes you most excited to work on your project?
I can learn from different authors’ names in diverse cultures and languages in the world!
– What new terms or concepts have you learned in the past month?

I learned the terms Item, Statements, Qualifiers on Wikidata, and concepts Merge by merging two duplicate items on Wikidata.
 – What was confusing to you about the project?

The one I felt stuck and confused about was the structure of a structure in an item, which means one item can have multiple items in it, on Wikidata.


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